Meerse Portal

We want to keep you informed quickly, safely and completely about all the documents that we prepare for and about your company. Examples are annual accounts, reports and declarations. We open our archive to you through our own secure online connection. You thus always have access to your documents. With the same connection, you can exchange confidential documents with us and make authorized transactions (such as formal approvals of declarations).

Salary Online

As an HR employee, you can do part of the salary administration yourself. Prefer to enter the changes for each period yourself? Or keep your staff’s master data up to date? No problem. It might also be more extensive: a complete HRM system online with a permanent file (proof of ID, etc.), contracts, absence registration and performance reports. Contact us to find out more about this, as there are various options.

Personnel Online

Has your employer placed the salary administration with us, and have you received a login code from your employer? Then you can log in here directly – via a secure connection – in your own salary file.

That gives you access to the following features:
You have direct, 24/7 access to all your documents: current and from previous years.
You can download everything.
You can keep track of your days off and leave yourself.
You can submit your expense reports here completely safely (‘send to us’).

Apps for the smartphone 
Of course you can also install this on your smartphone. There are apps for Apple and Android. The login name and password are the same for the browser and for app use. You must set a customer code in the apps. This code is: 25000729.

Personeel Online

Heeft uw werkgever de salarisadministratie bij ons ondergebracht én heeft u van uw werkgever een inlogcode ontvangen? Dan kunt u hier direct inloggen – via een beveiligde verbinding – in uw eigen salarisdossier.

Dat biedt u de volgende mogelijkheden:
u hebt direct en 24/7 inzage in al uw documenten: actuele en van voorgaande jaren, u kunt alles downloaden, u kunt zelf uw vrije- en verlofdagen bijhouden, u kunt uw declaraties hier volstrekt veilig indienen (‘naar ons sturen’)

Apps voor de smartphone
Uiteraard kunt u dit ook op uw smartphone installeren. Er zijn apps voor Apple en Android.De inlognaam en wachtwoord zijn voor browser en app-gebruik hetzelfde. In de apps moet u een klantcode instellen. Dit is: 25000729.