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Quality assured

The services of De Meerse Accountants are based on knowledge. This knowledge needs to be maintained and developed. Both partners and employees are regularly attending training and education.

Both partners are qualified as AA-consultants and registered with the Royal Dutch Professional Organisation of Accountants NBA.
Employees are all qualified for their respective jobs, whether as (assistant)accountant, tax lawyer or IT professional.
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Our firm is licensed by The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets to carry out audits of accounts. We are therefore authorised to audit medium size and large corporations.

License number: 13000043, see also the website of the AFM

We are member of the SRA, the Dutch cooperation of Registered Accountants and Administrative consultants. The SRA supports members with education of employees and development of services.
They also regularly examine the application of norms of quality, thereby contributing to the quality of our services.

We are furthermore part of the agreement between SRA and the Royal Dutch Revenue Service. This significantly speeds up our services, for it means the RS will assume all our declarations to be correct in principle. This assumption is off course checked regularly.

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Our firm is registered with two organisations which presecribe and control norms and guidelines for the administration of wages and payments. These are the Register of Tax advisers and the Register of Payroll Professionals.

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If you have a complaint about our work or our people, please help us improve our services by sending us your complaint.

You can submit a complaint using our complaint form.

The complaint will be treated confidentially and swift. And we will certainly inform you about the outcome of our investigation into your complaint.

‘Whistle blowers’ procedure

Our firm assures employees, or people otherwise employed by us, no infringement on their status with our firm should they want to report irregularities within or without our firm.
The procedures sees to registration of complaints, confidentiality and speed of treatment. When these complaints are found to be justified the procedure sees to swift action to redress the situation.


Privacy statement

Because of our services we use personal data. It goes without saying that we treat this info with care.
Privacy law oblige organisations to be transparent about the handling of this data.
Information about this subject you will find in the attached pdf.